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Ignoring Digital Marketing is like opening a business but, not telling anyone. So, become a Certified Digital Marketing Expert & get your Career growth with our professional Digital Marketing Institute in Chandigarh" Inventive Hands is one of the leading & the reputed institute who provides his students with the best-rated Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh. We offer cost-effective & reliable Digital Marketing course for graduates, post-graduates, corporate, working professionals or the marketing executives & so on.

We endeavour to ensure that all are faculty members are highly skilled & they work to the highest level by maintaining the commitment to all the professional standards of providing all our students with the best & productive Digital Marketing training. And, all our experts are associated directly with the industry and allied & this has better enhanced the quality of our education.

We being the best Digital Marketing Institute in Chandigarh aspire to provide you with the best certified knowledge & we also prepare you to accomplish the requisite skills so, that you can make it big in this sensitive job market.

Even our course module is prepared by the highly qualified professionals from around the world & we also constantly research & amend it to meet the thriving demands. We will also guide you on how to use & apply the theoretical & practical knowledge in the real corporate environment & situations.

We make sure to limit our batch strength to maximum of 15 people in one batch. So, that each of the individual should get the individual attention. We provide you with the back-up classes in case you have missed any of the same also, we also provide our students with the flexible batch timings for weekdays or weekends.

We are the perfect medium for your career transformation as we also help you to get the training from the industry experts & learn from them, the nuances of trade. And, also the allied visits, assistantships and installation support to various Multinational companies and Indian Community have build a standard for our students to step towards their goal.

Today, Inventive Hands is a group of professionals; who is working together towards its growth & that too without compromising on the Quality of education. We will always create new methods of teaching and also help our aspiring students to learn and implement the new technologies in the best practical ways.

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Our Modules

Our Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh will authorize you with the required skills & competent knowledge which will help you to step-up towards your career goals & objectives.
So, browse to our Digital Marketing Courses which is as follows:

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the complete strategy & process that connect the entrepreneurs with their targeted audiences across the multiple & persuasive Digital channels.

Website Planning
& Creation

Whether you are trying to increase the membership, convert more visitors into leads, or provide the investors with the valuable information, you just need to establish these goals by acquiring the website planning & creating.

Search Engine

The ultimate goal of SEO is to attract the visitors to your website; whenever they search for product & services or any of the information related to your business.

Content Writing
& Optimization

Content Writing & optimization will help you to make your message approachable to your audience as it is the core aspect of any of the successful marketing strategy.

Pay Per Click
(Google Adwords)

It is a way of using search engine advertising to generate the clicks to your website rather than earning those clicks naturally. The better your ads will be, the greater your CTR, the lower will be the costs.

Social & Online
Display Advertising

Social & online display advertising will target your social audience with the help of socially infused display ads which will give you the unparallel reach, lifetime track ability & will also enhance the brand engagement.

Google Analytics
(Traffic Measurement)

Google Analytics is the most popular tool which you can use to track & reports the website traffic & in return it also helps to grow your business. And, now it is the most widely used web analytics service on the internet.

Google Tag Manager
(Tag Management )

Intended for traffic analysis & marketing optimization, Google Tag Manager allows you to quickly & quickly update the tags & also the code snippets on your mobile apps or websites.

Email Marketing
( Send Bulk Emails)

It is considered as one of the powerful tools for engaging, acquiring, & also retaining the customers to help your business grow. The e-mail marketing tactics are very much effective at helping the business owners & consumers in staying connected.

Social Media

It is the effective process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. And, it is considered as the authoritative way for organization of all kinds to reach anticipation & customers.

Ecomerce Portals

E-Commerce portals marketing adequately drive the website traffic & also optimize the user experience for the conversions.

Mobile Apps
Development & Marketing

Mobile Apps Development & Marketing has the capacity to bring the biggest ideas to the smallest screen in the most adequate & competent way. And, you can reach your audience easily & that too around the corner of the world.


It is the best way to earn commission by promoting others people or companies products or services. It is extremely flexible & benefits an individual with number of advantages.

Freelancing & How to
Make Money Online

Freelancing is the best way to earn money online & the individual into the freelancing is not at all committed to a particular employer for any of the long-term process i.e. he is the self-employed person.

Blogging & Google

Blogging & Google Adsense if done in the right way then, one can earn the huge amount of money from it. Both the stated features just speak for themselves as its paying rates are better than all the other networks.

Certification & Interview

Apart from getting you prepare for all the aspects relating to Digital Marketing; we will also help you in your interview preparations & also to qualify your complete Google certifications & so on.

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Scope of Digital Marketing

  • The world is going Digital & by the end of the year 2020, all the companies around the world including India will have the online existence & thus, it will create a lot of career opportunities.
  • You don't have to spend restless nights mugging up the rules that you are never going to use in your life.
  • Digital Marketing provides you with multiple career opportunities as you can go for web designing, content writing, Digital Marketing Executive, SEO Expert & so on.
  • It is considered as the dynamic field as technology is developing every day & one have to constantly develop his Digital Marketing skills so, that his career keeps on growing.
  • By the end of the year 2020, with the increase in the internet & Smartphone users; 80% of people will depend on online marketing.
  • Online marketing is fully controlled as per your budget; location and time & one can earn High Rate on Investment (ROI) with ease.
  • Now, Digital Marketing is considered as the heart of every business as the complete work is done on the internet & there is no bar of constraints of the place.
  • This is the Digital age & now, everything is available at your finger tips with proper peace & persuasiveness.

Jhon Smith

Teacher Designation

Jhon Smith

Teacher Designation

Jhon Smith

Teacher Designation

Jhon Smith

Teacher Designation

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